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Personal Assessment

Assessing Candidates That Matter The Most 

Want to Ensure that Your Next Hire Will Work Out? Caliper offers independent insurance agencies with the best chance of hiring the right person for the right job with its validated, scientifically proven personality assessment, the Caliper Profile.

Have your recruits objectively assessed by Caliper as part of your hiring process. If the assessed personnel does not work out as outlined, Caliper will perform your next assessment at no charge. The Caliper assessment is also an excellent management tool to get the most from your existing staff – including evaluations of promotion potential and help for job "turnarounds."

Hiring Assessments

Get clear about which candidates have the greatest potential to succeed and make your most informed, confident hiring decisions with a Caliper hiring assessment. Learn More

Talent Development

Go beyond the hiring assessment with our tailored, 3-phased approach to talent development which focuses on exceptional performance and remarkable, measurable results. Learn More

Corporate Culture

Transform the culture you have to the organizational culture you need. We’ll put your vision in perspective and provide solutions for achieving your goals. Learn More

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