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Business Products

Stay Ahead of the Competition!
Business Products For Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers

IIABCal, through its for-profit subsidiary - Independent Insurance Producer Service Corporation - offers business products to members, keeping them ahead of the competition.

IIABCal membership gives you access to a number of exclusive business programs, including First-Call Free legal service, HR management tools, disaster recovery planning, office supplies discounts and more.

Check out the business products available to all IIABCal members below:



Employee Outsourcing

Work at Home Vintage Experts (WAHVE) is an innovative remote staffing solution for insurance firms to optimize their workforce. WAHVE help firms realign business strategy to focus on customer service, customer retention and growth by providing the right talent to perform the work at a significant savings.  IIABCal's Program Partner is the only work at home model and outsourcing alternative to off-shoring. WAHVE is the repository for the industry’s retiring talent with a significant database of retired baby-boomers who want to continue to work from home to supplement their retirement income.

Electronic Payments

ePayPolicy is the Simplest Way To Collect Insurance Premiums. ePayPolicy offers an easy five-step, on-boarding process that can have you up and running in 24 hours. There's no contract, set up fees, or cancellation fees. ePayPolicy passes through all fees to the payer. You receive a payment page with your agency logo and an online dashboard to track / reconcile all incoming payments. Your payment page is mobile compatible too. Speed up your receivables by signing up today!   

Automated Reputation Management

SocialSurvey is an automated reputation management platform that turns customer feedback into a tidal wave of revenue-generating online content. This powerful, plug-and-play application is designed specifically for agencies and brokerages, empowering revenue growth while driving employee behavior and improving customer experience. SocialSurvey’s industry-leading response rates and exclusive functionality make it the #1 marketing ROI for its customers. It’s no wonder SocialSurvey has never lost a customer… ever.



Banking Services

InsurBanc is an independent community bank that was founded by independent agents exclusively for independent agents.  Organized in 2001 by the Big “I” specifically to serve independent insurance agents, we have developed a distinctive culture that allows us the opportunity to work with you as a partner to help optimize growth opportunities and manage your agency efficiently. You can rely on InsurBanc for custom products designed to underwrite your success.

Personal Assessment

Want A Guarantee Your Next Hire Will Work Out? Caliper offers independent insurance agencies the best change of hiring the right person for the right job.  Have your recruits been objectively assessed by Caliper as part of the hiring process. If the assessed personnel does not work out as outlined, Caliper will perform your next assessment at no charge.  The Caliper test instrument is also an excellent management tool to get the most from your existing staff – including evaluations of promotion potential and help for job "turnarounds."

Office Supplies

As an IIABCal member you are entitled to enroll in the Office Depot Discount Program. By using the office supply discount program, it can go a long way toward paying your annual membership dues with the money that you save in this program alone.