Support Your Independent Agency PAC

IIPAC is a non-partisan political action committee funded through voluntary contributions. IIPAC contributes to the campaigns of candidates seeking election to the California Legislature and to candidate-based fundraising committees. IIPAC is also used for participation in coalitions and campaigns on public policy issues important to members and their clients, whether by legislation, regulation, initiative or referendum. Contributions can be made by a company (corporate) or an individual.

For more information on IIPAC, please call an IIABCal Member Benefits representative at 925-426-3300.

In 2021, California law permits individuals, or businesses/organizations to donate up to $8,100 to IIPAC in this calendar year.  Contributions from individuals may not be reimbursed by an employer/organization, and political contributions are not tax deductible.

In cases where an individual making a contribution also owns or controls an organization that is also making a contribution, the total amount of all contributions are combined, or “aggregated,” for determining whether the $8,100 cap has been reached. Contributions are deemed “aggregated” if:

  • Contributions from an individual’s personal funds and contributions made by an entity when the individual directs and controls the entity’s contributions.
  • Contributions from two or more entities that are directed and controlled by a majority of the same persons.
  • Contributions made by entities that are majority-owned by any person. Contributions made by the majority owner and all other entities majority-owned by that person are aggregated, unless those entities act independently in their decisions to make contributions.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has published contribution limits for 2021-2022. Please consult the FPPC website for more details.

IIPAC Contribution - Corporate

By making a corporate contribution, you are adding your agency to a list of IIABCal firms dedicated to the IIABCal’s Political Action Committee.

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IIABCal Leadership Circle - Individual

As a contributing member to the IIABCal Leadership Circle, you will be recoginized among a group of individual leaders dedicated to support the association's California advocacy initiatives.


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2022 IIPAC Contributors

A.D. Dern Insurance Agency, Inc.
Access Insurance Services, Inc.
Acrisure, LLC
AHTKY Insurance Agency, LLC
AJ Longo & Assoc Ins & Fin Services
Alex Sourikoff Insurance Agency
Allenbrooke Insurance Services, Inc.
Alta Vista Insurance Agency
Anil Aggarwal Insurance Agency, Inc.
AP - Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services, LLC
Arroyo Insurance Services, Inc.
Atlantic-Pacific Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Bichlmeier Insurance Services, Inc.
Carlos Villalobos Insurance Agency, Inc.
Carmel Insurance Agency, Inc.
Centurion Insurance Agency
Coastal Pacific Insurance Marketing, LLC
Conejo Pacific Insurance Services
Cornerstone Associates Insurance Services, Inc
Crescenta Valley Insurance Agency
Crist, Fritschi & Paterson, Insurance Agents/Brokers Inc.
Cummins Insurance Agency, Inc.
David E Quan Agency Insurance Brokers Inc.
Diablo Valley Insurance Agency, Inc.
DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance Brokers, LLC
Don Gath Insurance Agency
Eaton & Eaton Insurance Brokers
Eugene Robison Company, Inc. dba Oxford Risk Management & Insurance Services
FIA Insurance Services, Inc.
Gaines Insurance Agency, Inc.
Gene Morgan Insurance Agency
George Petersen Insurance Agency, Inc.
Gilbert P. Koury Insurance Broker
GMGS Risk Management & Insurance Services
Gondola-Kinne Insurance Agency, Inc.
Gregory Insurance Agency
H. L. Elterman Insurance Agency, Inc.
Heffernan Insurance Brokers
Heritage West Insurance
IOA Insurance Services
ISU Insurance Services - Calgard Associates
Ives Insurance Services, Inc.
Jack Healey Insurance Agency, Inc
James G. Parker Insurance Associates
Jan Loewen Insurance Services
John C. Meyer Agency
JSW Insurance Associates
Jules Berlin Agency, Inc.
Kagawa Insurance Agency, Inc.
Kelsey National Corporation
Kosmos Insurance Services, Inc.
Leland Insurance Agency, Inc.
M. A. Hays Co.
Malloy Imrie & Vasconi Insurance Services LLC
Marumoto Insurance Agency LLC
Massie & Beck Insurance Brokers, Inc.
MOC Insurance Services
Morris & Garritano Insurance Agency, Inc.
Nakamura Insurance Agency
Napa Valley Insurance Services, LLC
OnMarket Insurance Associates
Petra Pacific Insurance Service, Inc.
Pettitt & Tavernetti
Phillipp & Associates Insurance Services, Inc.
ProAction Insurance Services, Inc.
PTL Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Purves & Associates Insurance Agency of Davis, Inc.
R.C. Fischer & Company
Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.
Relation Insurance Services/Pan American
Ridgemark Insurance Services
Robert M Galligan & Associates Inc.
S&G Mitchell Insurance Agency, Inc.
SCF Insurance Services, Inc.
Semler Insurance Agency
Sierra Gateway Insurance Services
Spectrum Risk Management & Insurance Services, LLC
Teeters Insurance Services
The J. Morey Company, Inc Insurance Agents and Brokers
Thomas L. Cheetham Insurance Agency. Inc.
Tri County Insurance Service
Twin Rivers Marine Insurance Agency, Inc.
Universal Risk Associates, LLC
Vinsa Insurance Associates
Wallis & Wallis Insurance Agency
Wayne Evans Insurance Agency
Western Valley Insurance Associates, Inc.
Wilson and Company Insurance Services, Inc.
Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph Insurance Services, Inc.
Yamasaki Insurance Agency

2022 Leadership Circle Members

Mr. Carlos D. VillalobosCarlos Villalobos Insurance Agency, Inc.
Mr. Richard E. DingerCrescenta Valley Insurance Agency
Ms. Michelle MorganGene Morgan Insurance Agency
Mr. Clark PayanIndependent Insurance Agents & Brokers of California (IIABCal)
Mr. Bradley C. WilsonWilson and Company Insurance Services, Inc.