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IIABCal in 2023 is faced with the challenge of stopping the continual decay of California’s property and auto markets that makes insurance both unaffordable and unavailable. 

What Is IIABCal Doing About It? 

IIABCal engaged outside legal counsel to assist in developing a comprehensive legal strategy to fight on behalf of independent insurance agents and brokers and their clients, California insurance consumers. Our goal is to make it easier and quicker for insurance companies operating in California to get needed rate relief so consumers have options for coverage.  To assist in this endeavor, we need your financial support of the IIABCal Legal Defense Fund (LDF).

How LDF Works 

LDF provides a ready source of funds to protect the common business interests of the membership when threatened.  LDF proceeds may be used to pay legal fees and related costs to outside vendors associated with defending the members’ interests in the matter at hand. The Legal Defense Fund is not a charitable organization, though this donation may be deductible as a business expense. Please consult with your tax advisor or accountant to determine the tax deductibility for your business.   

What We Need 

In the first phase of our fundraising effort, we are hoping to raise $150,000.  This will help fund the outside experts needed to engage in this fight and demonstrate that “Enough is Enough.”

How To Contribute 

Make your online contribution today!  Your support of the LDF supports you, your policyholders and your industry! Contact Pauline Nakadachi at 925-426-3306 or to make your donation.


If a donor is not a lobbyist employer, they must file Form 645 with the California Fair Political Practices Commissioner in any quarter in which the donor has spent $5,000 or more on “other payments to influence” potential legislative or regulatory activity. If a donor is a lobbyist employer, they are already required to file a Form 635 every quarter, and must report “other payments” to influence potential legislative or regulatory activity in any amount, and itemize when a vendor/recipient is paid $2,500 or more in any quarter.

Contact IIABCal for more information on these reporting requirements.

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