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Forecast Luncheon Keynote:

As entertaining as it is educational, Forecast Luncheon Keynote Speaker Steve Harvill will take you through the elements of our movie experience discussing the power of story, the narrative arc, music, emotions, psychology, and the after effects of going to the movies. Filled with movie clips, music, interactive participation and Oscars for those who know their stuff.

Steve is President & CEO of Creative Ventures and has been sharing his concepts and strategies with companies for 30 years. From the Fortune 500 to small startups Steve and his Creative Ventures team have developed programs that cross industry lines and challenge the status quo. A scientist by education and the past president of two companies, Steve uses his leadership experience and empirical data to reinforce his assertions. 

This multimedia experience will take you to… the land of hope and dreams… the land of journeys and destinations… the land of life and death… the land of laughter and tears… the land of imagination!  Why We Love the Movies is an important leadership training program for all independent insurance professionals and an entertaining gateway into InsurPATH 2019 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

InsurPATH Education & Training:

Employee Personal Safety in an Era of Active Shooter

Jerry McCormick
Chief Safety Officer, Personal Safety at Work

This session will discuss how we should move past simply talking about Active Shooter and build on empowering training that encompasses the myriad of threats we could face that include the unlikely event of active shooter.  Learn how you respond physiologically to fear and ways to prepare ourselves to work through that fear to be able to act.  Part of the session reviews simple action steps that will allow participants to deal with day-to-day threats we might face.   This session addresses ways to make yourself safer ahead of time by learning action steps, using your surroundings to improve safety and employing strategies to reduce or avoid those threats altogether.  This presentation is all about Empowering Employee Personal Safety at Work, at Home, & In-Between.  

21 Secrets of Million Dollar Sellers

Steve Harvill
President, Creative Ventures

Most organizations know the metrics used to judge the success of their sales force.  What they don’t know is a missing piece, it’s what their sales force DOES.  What actions or behaviors generated those sales and which, if any, can be repeated to generate the same success.   A simple pattern of success was discovered.  In The 21 Secrets of Million Dollar Sellers, 21 specific sales activities shared between industries will be introduced that can be repeated by anyone. This multimedia, interactive session introduces two years of research creating a simple and dynamic sales process you can apply TODAY!

The Pathfinder Project: The Future of Talent Recruitment & Retention For the Independent Agents

What are the challenges facing the Independent Insurance Agency system when it comes to talent recruitment and retention?  How are we going to fill the jobs of retiring baby boomers?.  IIABCal's Pathfinder Project is one solution. A panel of insurance talent experts will outline the problems and solutions to interest, train and hire young people for a career in insurance.  A new Risk Management & Insurance program developed through the University of Southern California's Marshal School of Business will serve as an example for others to start similar programs at local colleges or universities.

Mike MacGillivray (Panel Moderator)
Chairman, LeadUp Council, IIABCal

Betsey Brewer
Principal, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Lindsay Moore
Casualty Broker, Worldwide Facilities

Vince Monastersky
Vice President, Risk Management, FOX Corporation

John Barrett
Resident Managing Director, AON Global Risk Consulting

Crisis In The Homeowners Insurance Marketplace (2 CE Credit)

Hear first-hand what politicians, regulators, and industry leaders are doing to improve affordability and availability of homeowners insurance in California.  Big changes are coming as California enters its third year of a restricted marketplace in homeowners insurance.  We have assembled a dynamic panel of experts from the California FAIR Plan, the California Department of Insurance, as well as retail and wholesale insurance producers on the front lines, to discuss what’s happening in the marketplace and what you can expect in 2020.

Steve Young (Panel Moderator)
Senior Vice President & General Counsel, IIABCal

Paul Laufer
Executive Vice President, Gorst & Compass Insurance

Joel Laucher
Senior Advisor, California Department of Insurance

Jeff Okrepkie
Commercial Lines & Bond Broker, George Petersen Insurance Agency

Mindy Cruz
Operations Manager, California FAIR Plan Association

Justin Pierce
Underwriting & Operations Manager, California FAIR Plan Association

Robb Greenspan
Principal & Executive General Adjuster, The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International

Ethical or Unethical - Who Decides? (3 CE Credit)

Angie Heavener
Principal, Insurance Training Plus, Inc

Ethics has been defined over the years by philosophers, religions and various groups of people.  The focus has always been on the standards and values to which people should adhere.  Many of the issues we face are black and white but it is the gray areas that challenge us when we try to make the right decisions.  Often these gray areas require a difficult choice between two right answers rather than a wrong and a right answer.  Although the law helps to some degree, sometimes it doesn’t go far enough to lead us to that ethical decision.  Ethical situations and practical solutions will be the center focus in this program.

Good News, Bad News & Are You Freaking Kidding Me? (1 CE Credit)

Steve Young
Senior Vice President & General Counsel, IIABCal

2019 has proven to be a momentous year for the new governor, new insurance commissioner, and newly reconstituted Legislature.  Learn about sweeping new laws defining independent contractors, mitigating the crisis in homeowners’ insurance availability and affordability, and imposing radical new privacy protection obligations on all businesses.


What Drives Workers' Comp Rates? (1 CE Credit)

Tony Milano
Vice President & Actuary, Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau

With workers’ comp usually being one of the policyholders top three expenses, they are always concerned with their rates. What has been driving the work comp rates in the state? Learn about the factors of how the WCIRB formulates the advisory rates that insurance carriers use as a basis for pricing policies. See what has been trending in the last few decades and where the trends may be leading for workers’ comp.

Create & Maintain a Learning Culture at Your Agency

In this presentation, Dave Nelson and Stephanie Michele from LifeOpz will help you check-in on where there is resistance to change in your workforce and share what the opportunities are for growth when you implement policies that encourage learning.

Dave Nelson
Innovation Partner, LifeOpz

Stephanie Michele
Human Experience Partner, LifeOpz

80% of Wildfire Victims Are Underinsured! (1 CE Credit)

Robb Greenspan
Principal & Executive General Adjuster, The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International

Insurance brokers and agents who write homeowner and commercial insurance in California are faced with unique fire risks. The 2018 firestorms that ravaged homes and businesses throughout California proved this and we have seen the good and bad in covering these risks every day in the news. In this seminar we will discuss these risks and what you need to understand to write coverage properly.  Do you understand the new laws that went into effect in January of 2019 and how it may affects you the broker?  Is a mudslide full of fire debris really covered and when? How about exposure to wildfire smoke from burning brush and other homes, is it covered? How do you compete against the direct writers who traditionally undercut the market with low premiums on this type of risk?   We will discuss these issues and more. You will understand the myriad of issues brokers and agents need to consider when writing a policy in the Urban/Brush interface to fully protect your customers needs, both in residential and commercial risks.

Insurance Issues With The Gig Economy (1 CE Credit)

Casey Roberts
Founder & Owner, Laurus Insurance Consulting

For a number of years there have been conflicting reports regarding how the GIG economy affects insurance and how insurance affects the GIG economy.   This session will attempt to outline for attendees the key issues and concerns so that future coverage issues and related concerns will be better understood.  


InsurPATH Networking:

Forecast Luncheon: Annual Meeting & Installation Luncheon

Join other IIABCal agents and brokers for the 2020 IIABCal Annual Business Meeting and Installation of Officers and Directors as InsurPATH 2019 kicks off with the Forecast Luncheon. IIABCal President Rob Oates of InterWest Insurance Services in Sacramento will recap the year for IIABCal while incoming President Melissa Phillipp-Himes of Phillipp & Associates Insurance Services, Inc. in Chatsworth, will provide insight into the association's key strategies for 2020. Individual as well as table of 10 registration is available for the Forecast Luncheon.

Betsey Brewer To Receive Ramsden-Sullivan Memorial Award

Industry and association leader Betsey L. Brewer will receive the IIABCal Ramsden-Sullivan Memorial Award at the InsurPATH Forecast Luncheon.  The Ramsden/Sullivan Memorial Award is the most prestigious award IIABCal can bestow on an individual, and it is given only when a deserving individual merits this high honor.  IIABCal looks forward to honoring Betsey at its Forecast Installation Luncheon and encourages all of her friends, peers and co-workers to join in on the celebration.

Come Meet Your 2020 IIABCal Leaders

  Melissa Phillipp-Himes
  IIABCal President

Bryon Pedevillano
IIABCal Vice President

  Bob Teshima
  IIABCal Secretary-Treasurer

  Brad Wilson
  IIABA Director

 Dina Campana Smith
 Northern California Regional Director

  Martine Domingues
  Northern California Regional Director

  Joe Hamilton
  Southern California Regional Director

  Jonathan Schreter
  Southern California Regional Director

  Jeff Byroads
  At-Large Regional Director

  Jeff Downey
  Associate Member Director

Sponsors Tradeshow

Sponsors have the option of participating in the InsurPATH Tradeshow which will run during the duration of the conference. Evening events, breaks and Thursday breakfast & lunch will be held in the tradeshow offering maximum networking opportunities.

Sponsors Kickoff Party

Join us for the InsurPATH 2019 Kickoff Event with an evening of networking, tradeshow interaction, casual dinner and our annual Texas Holdem Tournament. Don’t miss this opportunity to network and meet and mingle with both new and old friends. 

InsurPATH Tradeshow Luncheon

Join us on Thursday in the exhibit hall for a walk-a-bout luncheon while you network with our sponsors and members, a great way to connect with new business relationships that can help your business grow.

Sponsor Tradeshow Reception/Dinner

It’s Hollywood Night!  Join us in the InsurPATH Tradeshow for a Glitz and Glamor evening before heading over to Universal Studios, on our dedicated tram, for a private Backlot Tour of Universal Studios.  Attendees will be dropped at CityWalk following the tour for an open night of adventure.  Don’t miss this Action Packed evening!!

Universal Studios Exclusive Backlot Tour

Tour the movie industry’s busiest sets with other InsurPATH attendees in a special trolley, where you can disembark to explore areas not open to the general public. Visit actual sound stages where blockbuster movies and TV shows are filmed, as well as Universal's World Famous Property Department, home to thousands of set pieces and decorative items used for film and television production.

Universal City Walk

L.A.'s favorite place to play, Universal City Walk offer InsurPATH attendees a three-block entertainment, dining and shopping promenade filled with the trendy stores and restaurants. A trip to Universal Studios would not be complete without a evening indulging in the latest hip fashion, trendy L.A. flood and shops tailored for the Hollywood scene. Attendees have an "open evening" to discover Universal City Walk. 

Getaway Breakfast

InsurPATH attendees have the opportunity to get some breakfast and Continuing Education credit at the same time at Friday's Getaway Breakfast.