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Environmental Strategist (eS)

(1 Hour of CE for each Webcast)

Part 1 - Managing Environmental Exposures

Live Webcast (Numerous Dates Available): To assist their clients with their environmental insurance needs insurance professionals need to first understand the environmental exposures impacting their clients. In Training Module #1 environmental Strategist will review a variety of important environmental exposures like Federal and State environmental laws so agents are aware of what they are and how they impact their clients/prospects.

Some of what participants will learn about in Module #1 are AAI all appropriate inquiry, AST above ground storage tank, BEA baseline environmental assessment, CAA clean air act, CERCLA comprehensive environmental response, compensation and liability act, CWA clean water act, ESA environmental site assessment,  and much more. 

Part 2 - Strategies for Transferring Environmental Exposures

Live Webcast (Numerous Dates Available): Why do we have environmental insurance?  We have auto policies because the general liability policy excludes coverage.  We have workers’ compensation insurance because the general liability policy excludes coverage, and we have environmental insurance for the same reason.  Seminar participants will learn how environmental liability insurance can fill gaps in standard property and casualty insurance coverages.  

They will also learn about each type of environmental liability insurance available in the market place today.  Insurance professionals will learn how to reduce their E&O exposure while meeting their clients/prospects changing insurance needs.

Part 3 - Environmental Risk Management

Live Webcast (Numerous Dates Available)The environmental Risk Management (Assessment) (eRA) is designed to educate a business on their environmental exposures so the business and their insurance professional are on the same page about the environmental exposures impacting their operations and make an informed decision if environmental insurance can add value to their business model.  The eRA comes in three parts: 1.  Review of specific environmental exposure impacting a specific class of business; 2. Environmental loss examples: 3.  Environmental insurance coverages that are appropriate for the insured to consider.  The four eRA business classes reviewed during this session involve Real Estate Owners and Developers, Manufacturers, Agriculture and Contractors.

Part 4 - Developing and Executing an Environmental Management Strategy

Live Webcast (Numerous Dates Available): The Environmental Management Strategy (EMS) shows insurance professionals, by proactively addressing the environmental issues impacting their clients/prospects, they not only bring more value added service to the table, but they improve the quality of their product offering.  Every business is impacted by environmental exposures, but due to a lack of education most insurance professionals are not discussing the issues.  The eS eMS is the starting point for agent’s client’s environmental education.  An eMS focuses on four areas businesses can be impacted by environmental exposures:  1.  What is coming in your front door; 2.  What is going on inside your corporate walls; 3.  What is going out your back door; and 4.  Who are your neighbors.