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Associate Member Spotlight: Thimble Makes Insurance Simple

PLEASANTON, CA, Dec. 18, 2019 - If you're looking to make insurance simple and enable your small business clients to succeed, IIABCal Associate Member Thimble might be your answer.  Underwritten by Markel, Thimble is the first small business insurance company to offer liability insurance anywhere from an hour to a year.

With policies starting at just $5 for $1M of coverage, Thimble is on a mission to make insurance simple and enable small businesses to succeed on their own terms. The company recently announced that it has sold more than 100,000 insurance policies to 130+ professions including handymen, contractors, photographers, DJs, pet sitters, beauticians, and more.

Formerly known as Verifly, the “A” rated backed carrier began as an option for the niche target audience of commercial drone operators but quickly expanded their solution to insure clients who work a flexible job on their own terms. Thimble provides liability coverage by the month, day, or hour and allows clients to get a policy in under 60 seconds.

Thimble has also developed digital tools to help independent insurance agents reduce the friction and frustration they’ve felt in the past servicing their small business clientele.  In fact, the Thimble Broker Program offers agents a $50 New Customer Acquisition bonus for any new customer referred to Thimble, and pays 10% of the Premium to an agent in perpetuity. Thimble has launched a dedicated page for IIABCal member agents and brokers. Sign up here!

Why Join IIABCal? 

"Thimble has seen excellent traction with the agent community nationwide and believes in the power of the Big "I",  in this case IIABCal, to publicize innovative insurance programs for agents," Thimble Co-Founder Jay Bregman said.  "Thimble also intends to work with IIABCal’s marketing and events teams to further promote the Thimble Broker Program to IIABCal’s agent community through member messaging and conference events.


What's The Most Important Issues Facing The Industry Today?

"Independent agents spend too much time working on small commercial policies even though these policies represent a small amount of revenue for the agent," Thimble Co-Founder Eugene Hertz said. "With Thimble’s Broker Program, agents can refer commercial clients to a short-term or long-term liability solution with a 60-second quote-to-bind experience. This reduces the hassle associated with working on small dollar policies, and gives your client access to the most tech-forward solution in the insurance industry."

Biggest Opportunities For Independent Agents & Brokers?

"Independent agents have an opportunity to embrace technology for small business policies," Bregman said. "This will allow the agent to focus on larger business while delighting their clients with technology-enabled solutions for the smaller business.  Agents are in a good position to benefit monetarily as well since many technology-enabled insurance solutions, such as Thimble, are able to pay the broker in perpetuity and offer lucrative bonuses for sending clients to Thimble’s platform."

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