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Exdion Joins IIABCal’s Associate Member Community

PLEASANTON, CA, Aug. 22, 2019 – Exdion Solutions - a technology focused transformation company - has joined the IIABCal Associate Member community as its newest member firm.   Exdion is helping insurance agents and brokers employ cutting edge technology tools like RPA, AI/ML to automate their processes and gain operational excellence.

With a rich experience of more than 15 years, Exdion leverages its in-depth knowledge in the Property and Casualty domain to offer sophisticated Insurtech solutions across the entire Policy Lifecycle.   Its associates are professionals with certifications from bodies including AINS, AIS, LOMA, CPCU and CISA. It comes with deep technology skills and insurance broker domain knowledge across various agency management systems and software platforms.

“We position ourselves as a very unique solutions partner that comes with the legacy of more than 15 years in the brokerage space and the agility of a start-up,” said Sandeep Deva, Vice President of Consulting for Exdion. “We believe it is this philosophy and culture that helps us drive innovation into the Agencies we work with.”

Exdion finds the association’s iiLEARN to be an important education platform for agents and brokers to stay connect and learn from the community.

“Exdion Solutions is keen on exploring an opportunity to share the practice side professional experience with IIABCal members in areas such as Agency management best practices, IT integration to drive value from AMS, vendor selection and other areas,” Deva said.

IIABCal’s unified representation of state and national level legislative, regulatory, and judicial interests of Insurance agents and brokers provides Exdion Solutions with a dynamic platform for high-value networking. In addition, Exdion Solutions hopes to continue to participate in LULU, InsurPATH and Blue Ribbon Conference as a knowledge partner providing the best value for attendees.

Issues Facing The Industry Today?

Availability of the skilled talent, optimized cost of servicing a policy, deeper customer engagement and sustaining revenues are the challenges industry is facing today, said Dan Narayan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Incumbent agencies are also threatened by newbies in the form Insurtech companies that are disrupting the insurance business.

“However, smart automation and intelligent tools like AI/ML can embed into the existing solutions and help agents and brokers automate the process to make it easier, faster and more accurate,” Narayan said. “Newer technologies can also enable predicting as well as assisting in managing various events including cross selling. Smart BOTS will work alongside humans to listen to customer, deliver query support, help access records, assist in work and so on.  These technologies will help insurance agencies to rewire their business process and stay competitive.”

“Each process area within the eco system is currently challenged due to the sheer nature of the business,” Narayan said. “Agents and brokers generally tend to get sucked into fighting operational battles leaving the “customer experience” to chance. Automation can be the change here bringing back the human touch here it is needed the most.”

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