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miEdge Joins IIABCal's Associate Member Community

PLEASANTON, CA, June 25, 2019 -  miEdge, a premier provider of lead generation, data analytics and prospecting solutions specifically designed for the insurance & financial service industry, has joined the IIABCal Associate Member community as its newest member firm.  

"We are so excited to have such an innovative company join California's largest group of independent insurance agents and brokers," IIABCal President Rob Oates said. "And, we're putting miEdge right to work as they will be presenting TechTips at our 2019 LULU Virtual Conference in August.  miEdge provides innovative solutions that utilize multiple data sources and applies proprietary business logic, along with algorithms, machine learning and data cleansing to provide unrivaled data intelligence, in an easy to use intuitive interface. miEdge technology solutions include Employee Benefits, Property & Casualty, and Retirement/Financial Services prospecting, all seamlessly integrated into Salesforce or Dynamics CRM." 

Who is miEdge? 

miEdge was founded in 2011 with a singularly focused goal to create both an affordable and effective prospecting platform specific to the insurance industry, creating transparency and ultimately a level playing field for both independent professionals and large consulting firms. The initial prospecting solution was developed from an Employee Benefits perspective, utilizing ERISA Form 5500 filing data from the Department of Labor. 

miEdge quickly expanded its prospecting platforms to include the first Commercial Property & Casualty prospecting application combining over 25 disparate data sources including: CA Workers Comp, OSHA, DOT, WHD, C.O.P.E. Data, DOL, and many state Workers’ Compensation Divisions along with accurate Employer headquartered information, key C Level decision makers with emails, search by industry and geo location.  A free Mobile App is also available in both IOS Apple and Google Android.

“miEdge is truly excited to be part of IIABCal and participate in the Big I culture of continuous professional development," said miEdge Chief Sales Officer Darin Vick."We know our prospecting solution is a true game changer for independent agents.

"Insurance professionals are facing new challenges servicing clients and finding quality prospects," Vick said. "Many employers can no longer afford long-term loyalty as they face escalating insurance costs, a competitive job market, and an increasingly complex regulatory environment, all of which ultimately demands a comprehensive, state of the art insurance program. Utilizing key metrics and information to understand competitors, market trends, compliance issues and gaps in coverage, is mandatory to ensure every insurance professional is equipped to provide world class service."

miEdge prospecting platforms offer the best solution to research both current and future clients, saving valuable time and energy. Visit to learn more.

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