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2018 BRC Session: The Agent With The Best Story Wins

KONA, HI, May 7, 2018 - Blue Ribbon Conference Speaker Steve Harvill of Creative Ventures told insurance professional today that story telling is critical to the success of an independent agent's business.  The agent who can tell the best story will win every time, he said. 

In his session, “The Once Upon A Time Project,” Harvill described the power of story and how agents can use story to sell the uniqueness of what they do for their clients. 

Harvill said a simple notebook and pencil can be used as a powerful story, idea and growth tool. 

“All well-constructive stories have three core elements – a beginning, middle and end,” Harvill said. “And there are three key foundational points of your story that your clients care about – What do I do? How am I different? and What value do I bring to them?” 

When answering “what do you do?”, Harvill said, it must be answered in the most creative way possible. 

“Think about describing what you do as something your client would join,” he said. 

Agents must not only ask themselves what value they bring to their clients, but describe it in terms that the value occurs in the future – when something happens, Harvill said. 

“The power of story – a story told well – is a market separator,” he said. “And remember to think about a total focus on the solution to the client’s issues – one at a time.”