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L.A. I-Day Attracts Students Interested In Insurance

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 21, 2018 - College students interested in insurance from Cal State Fullerton & Northridge attended the L.A. I-Day earlier this month to meet with local independent agents and other insurance professionals.

The annual L.A. I-Day - hosted by the IBA San Fernando Valley, IBA Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena, and IIABA Los Angeles - provides an opportunity to create a platform for dialogue between the industry and university students, said L.A. I Day Chairman Alon Ben-Nun from Universal Risk Associates, LLC in Sherman Oaks. 

"We were very happy with the turnout and the positive response we received from the students," Ben-Nun said. "The students has a chance to walk through the exhibit hall and interact with the insurance industry's finest." 

Students' Thoughts

"I-Day was a wonderful learning and networking experience as a student,” Cal State Student Fatih Yaglidere said.  “Not only did the event help me meet and build relations with many people currently in the industry, it also allowed me to learn more in depth about both the agency and carrier sides as well as their offerings. It was a fun and informative experience that I wouldn't want to miss out on as a student."

“I enjoyed meeting and networking with the insurance professionals at I-Day,” Cal State Student  Amy Cronkhite said. “I benefited from the event by asking questions regarding my career interests and acquiring information about which companies have training programs for people who have minimal experience.”

“I enjoyed the conference, as it was something different than the ‘normal’ school-organized fairs,” Cal State Student Shant Piramzyan said. “ It was an opportunity to learn and see the insurance world in a setting that many students otherwise cannot. For example, I learned a lot about wholesale insurance on that day, whereas before, I didn’t even know it existed.”

“I-Day was an excellent experience and educational to say the least,” Cal State Student Steve Barzegar said. “Every person I spoke with offered valuable information and piqued my interest. The presentations were very informative and entertaining. It was well worth the experience and a wonderful opportunity to network with professionals in the industry.” 

“The conference was a lucrative experience for me as a young professional,” Cal State Student Manish Kumar said. “Having being exposed to the diversity within the insurance industry itself was a great learning outcome. The opportunity to interact with professionals from all faces of insurance gave me an insight into various jobs within the field and the dynamics of the whole insurance process from start to finish. Thank you for this learning opportunity.”

“I-day was very well organized and offered a multitude of opportunities to connect with insurance companies I would have never known otherwise,” Cal State Student Caroline Oghlian said. “I am very grateful for the opportunity to take part in this event.” 

“All insurance professionals I talked to that day were amazing and I really appreciated that they were willing to share their experience and gave me their advice about my potential career paths within insurance industry,” Cal State Studen Meichen Dong said.

Dr. Weili Lu, Director of the Center for Insurance Study at Cal State University of Fullerton, and Dr. David T. Russell, Professor of Insurance and Finance at Cal State University of Northridge were on hand to talk about each school's respective Insurance Programs.  Some of the issues discussed included program details, curriculum, and how to prepare students for entering insurance. 

Ben-Nun said the success of this year's event with students ensures that this will be a permanent part of future L.A. I-Days.

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