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Finding The Next Generation of Insurance Agents

COVINA, CA, Dec. 7, 2017 -- IIABCal Member Johnny Brittain of Brittain Insurance Services is not waiting for the next super producers to come knocking at his agency door.  He’s out and about finding them. 

Brittain recently participated in a Career Day at Centennial High in Corona, CA, talking to some 250 students interested in a career in insurance.  Using presentation tools provided by the InVEST program, Brittain talked to five different classes each made up of 50 students about the need for insurance for a healthy ecomony, why we buy insurance and the many financial benefits that come with an insurance career.

"The multiple classes allowed for an intimate setting that allowed students to ask a lot of questions," Brittain said. "And I got a lot of questions. Ten students asked how they could get started in insurance right away, and one young man asked me if he could come work for my agency."

Brittain said it's not that hard getting students interested in an insurance career, especially students who have limited or no funds for college.

"I told them that there are insurance career oportunities for young people with either a high school or college degree," he said. "For those who wanted to pursue an insurance career following college, I mentioned insurance programs at places like Cal State Fullerton that would be helpful for their insurance career."

Pathfinder Program

Brittian's efforts are part of the IIABCal's Pathfinder Program, a recruitment, training and development initiative that focuses on helping IIABCal member agencies recruit and hire employees, as well as help those employees chart their agency career path. 

"Our goal is to find IIABCal members like Brittian who will reach out to their local high schools and community colleges to champion insurance as a career," said Mike Orrick, IIABCal Vice President of Member Engagement.  "We have agents in other areas that have made significant progress in setting up these relationships, and we are looking for more to join the effort."

Agents who would like to join the Pathfinder Program, or have ideas they would like to share, are asked to contact Orrick at 916-865-8111 or


Patty Carlson says: Monday, December 11, 2017 5:07 PM
That is terrific, we certainly need to attract these bright young people to this industry. Another resource that these students might want to look into to learn more about the industry is It has just been redesigned and addresses not only the agent/broker world but the carrier and risk management world as well. Check if out and let me know if we can be of any further assistance. Keep spreading the word...Good Job!

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