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Our Logo Use

IIABCal Guide to Visual Identity, Publications & Style

Specifications for the visual proportions, spacing, and alignment for the logos have been predetermined. There are no exceptions to these specifications. When applying the logo in any context, never attempt to create a different version or modify in any way the elements or their approved configurations. 

Logo Clear Space

To avoid clutter and give the logo prominence, always separate it from other text and graphic elements by white space that is approximately ¼ of the size of the logo. You may, of course, always use more than the minimum clear space.

Application Basics

The logo should always be reproduced in its three color format or in solid black. It should never be reversed (an image that looks like a negative). Please avoid placing the logo over a photographic image if possible. Do not enclose the logo inside a shape. Place the logo in an area large enough to be perceived as a general background, not a confining shape.

What Logo to Use Where

There are two versions of the color IBA West logo. One has the text “Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of California” under the logo. Which one you use will depend on the size of the logo. If it will be displayed large enough to make the small text readable, use this one:


If not, use the logo without the additional text.

Color printing notes:

Process color/4 color (CMYK)= 100% Cyan, 88% Magenta, 0% Yellow, 5% Black)
Pantone Color/ 3 color (PMS)= Pantone Blue 072, Pantone Process Yellow, Pantone Process Black)


Use this logo when printing in black and white, photo copying and faxing



In general, there are graphics formats suitable for printing and those for on-screen viewing. Use GIF or JPG for on-screen viewing. On the web, logos should be displayed as a GIF or JPG file.

Use EPS for print publishing. EPS files are used to print flat (non-photographic) artwork, such as the logos.

Logo Use

IIABCal logos are not to be used to endorse products, services, individuals or organizations without specific permission from IIABCal.

Association Logos - Trusted Choice and Big "I" Logos

The Trusted Choice® brand and logo were developed to market independent agents to consumers. If you are a member of Trusted Choice® and have signed the licensing agreement, click here to access national logos.

All questions concerning the use of the Big “I” logo should be directed to the head of Communications at (800) 221- 7917.